Despite seemingly great pains to check and double check the names and designations of each NPS unit, trail, affiliated site and heritage area appearing in the book, I got this one wrong. Thanks to Ranger Lauren Bly at Fort Sumter National Monument for noticing the error and pointing it out to me. Her mother is a veteran ranger at the park. On page 60 in Chapter 6, I state the name of the park as Lincoln Boyhood Home National Memorial, instead of the correct name of Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial. I realized after the fact that mentally, I’ve always inserted the word “Home” into this park’s title through four visits there, rendering me oblivious to the mistake. I’m not the only one. Showing it to other rangers after Lauren spotted the mistake immediately, no one else noticed among my modest sample size. I will probably always think of it as Lincoln Boyhood Home NM, though I won’t be making this gaff in print again. It might be the symmetry with its sister unit, Lincoln Home National Historic Site in my home state at Springfield, IL that leads to this subconscious adjustment. Mea culpa to the fine folks at southern Indiana’s Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial. If you see me chopping wood at the Lincoln City, Indiana park’s living history farm, you’ll know why.