Typos are vexing, but occasionally they can be funny, too. I honestly don’t know when this error occurred as it’s correct in the source Word document, but on page 196, the first page of Chapter 16, I discuss my alma mater university conference and the impactful 1862 Morrill Land Grant College Act. Ten of the conference’s fourteen schools are land grant institutions. Commenting on my experience working as a track and field official at these distinguished schools, it reads:

“The exceptional staffs speak to the high quality of what I consider to be the country’s most impactful pubic university conference.”

Northwestern, the conference’s only private school, can take some vengeful satisfaction in the typo. As can Iowa, Michigan and Indiana, the other three non-land grant schools omitted from the list. Of course, I’m not entirely sure what a “pubic university” is. Sounds interesting. Where did the “l” in public go? I wonder where the typesetter went to school? Making this doubly intriguing, I’m a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Northwestern’s in-state conference rival. I sense a conspiracy, and demand justice for “pubic university” graduates nationwide!